About the Brand

Souk Clothing is a designer wear brand that is known for its solid colored and block printed clothes. Its style reflects and evokes Punjabi heritage, in which the culture blends with the proud verve of the new era. . The archive of Souk Clothing consists of kurtas, long shirts and bottoms in a variety of range.

Fashion has a value that constructs your desired style in a distinctive way. The lavish apparels we create are rejuvenated through sparkling genre that attracts modish women to give it a try.The brand seeks refuge from the monotony of high-street fashion. It takes calculated, yet artistic, risks in order to bring something new to the table every time.


Our Vision

This brand's vision is to deliver what its customers long for and to revive the old techniques of block printing, fusing it with modern techniques to stay relevant in the market. To make our clothes unique and an amalgamation of color, style and sophistication; one that has never been explored before.

Brand Philosophy

Our brand has been formulated with the most undeniably passionate efforts of various craftsmen. Through this project we have made sure that the most worthy people get a chance to show their abilities and artwork.

Our vision was to come up with a clothing line that can provide not only aesthetically pleasing designs but also clothing that has exceptional quality that would last a lifetime in very reasonable and affordable price range for everyone to be able to wear designer clothing.

The designs are modest and classy with a hint of modernism, especially made to satisfy all eastern values keeping the new trends merged.

We have made everything available on our user-friendly website for our customers to easily approach us when they like something and theycan buy it right away from there. Ourcustomer service representatives cater to all queries and provide the needed assistance and guidance to each and every client in a professional manner. Our aim is to keep our clientele satisfied and happy in all circumstances.